Registration for TOUR du DUERF 2023

From May on, municipalities can register for TOUR du DUERF 2023!

Please note: Especially in the first few weeks, we receive many applications from municipalities, all of which we must check. We therefore ask for your understanding that it may take a few days for us to activate your municipality at the start. Cyclists are only able to register for your municipality once we have activated your municipality.

Participation of regions and their associated municipalities

When regions participate in TOUR du DUERF, they are able to request that (individual or all) municipalities are listed separately. In addition to the region, these communities will then also be allocated their own subpage on the campaign website to use as desired. They will moreover be listed in all results overviews (and so have the opportunity to win prizes), etc. 

Definition of a ‘region’: A commitee by elected municipal parliamentarians is decisive for a region to also be considered in the “Most active municipal parliament” category.

Communication and public relations work for sustainable mobility are more important in municipalities than ever before. Experts are calling on municipalities to allocate sufficient funds from their annual budgets.