Which municipalities are able to participate in the TOUR du DUERF campaign?

All municipalities and regions from Luxembourg are able to participate. Participation in free, with the exception of the optional RADar! feature, submitted to licence fees.

Regions are able to choose whether they wish to participate together or for the individual municipalities to be listed separately (as indicated by the supplement “X in the rural district of YZ” next to the municipality’s name). The kilometres collected will then be credited to both the municipality and the region. 

Definition of a ‘region’: The existence of a board of elected municipal parliamentarians is decisive for a region to be considered.

What are the participation requirements?

In principle, any municipality in Luxembourg is able to participate in TOUR du DUERF. While a local council resolution or suchlike is not necessary for participation/registration, approval must be obtained from the municipality, e.g. by the  mayor, local authorities, etc.

The municipality – or, as appropriate, the municipal representative – is responsible for preparation and realisation of the local TOUR du DUERF campaign and must name (at least) one contact person, among others to serve as the local contact for Climate Alliance/Verkéiersverbond and participants.

Countless tools are available under Resources for municipalities and partners.

How can municipalities participate?

Municipalities (or regions) will first need to register officially with the TOUR du DUERF team. As soon as a subpage has been set up and added to the list of participating municipalities, teams are able to sign up for the online cycling log and to collect climate-friendly kilometres for the municipality/region during the campaign period.

When can municipalities participate?

In Luxembourg, the campaign TOUr du DUERF 2019 is scheduled between 10 - 30 September. 

Where and how can municipalities register and what costs does registration involve?

The online registration form for municipalities is available under the Registration tab. Participation for municipalities (or regions) from Luxembourg is free of charge, only the RADar! feature (optional) is submitted to fees..

Up until when are municipalities able to register?

In Luxembourg, registrations of municipalities for the TOUR du DUERF 2019 are accepted until September 9th .

Who is considered a member of the local parliament?

(Relevant for the “Most active municipal parliament” prize category.)

When a municipality registers for the campaign, details of the exact number of members in the local parliament will be requested. This information is decisive for the prize category of “Most active municipal parliament” in which Climate Alliance acknowledges municipalities’ achievements.

In principle, members of the local parliament are all persons belonging to the municipal council and/or the committee of the region. A right to vote is always decisive here.


Will the TOUR du DUERF campaign also take place next year?